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Cancellation policy changes

In light of the Coronavirus, guests that cannot travel due to illness or country restrictions, can re-book with us at a later date in the same year or anytime in the following years.

There will be no charge from us if your dates remain the same however should you decide to change your dates you will only pay for the difference in the rental rates.

So for example if you had booked in May and want to come in August, then you would pay the difference between the May and August rates. 

How we clean the villa

    The villa is ventilated before and during cleaning,
    Approved disinfectants against COVD-19 are only used.
    Our staff wash and disinfect their hands while cleaning.: 

    All Areas are dusted, swept and vacuumed before

    sanitising. Dishes and laundry are washed at the highest

    possible heat setting and finally surfaces are wiped

    down with soap and water.

    High-touch surfaces are sprayed in each room with an

    approved disinfectant spray and all surfaces left to


    A checklist is used to ensure all areas are cleaned and

    sanitised between each stay.

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